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Telemagic Sales helps organizations reduce selling costs through more effective resource allocation. Guided by Telemagic's tools for qualifying opportunities and understanding customers' and contacts' needs and drivers, sales teams will know precisely where to spend focused time and effort. Additionally, with Telemagic support for creating and executing team plans, sales professionals can also execute their plans in an efficient manner.


Telemagic Activity Management helps schedule simple to-do list items, map best-practices activity plans, manage complex tasks, and delegate actions to others. Sales personnel can synchronize activity, contact, and calendar information effortlessly with popular personal information managers such as Microsoft Outlook, Palm OS-devices, Lotus Notes, and more.


Telemagic Sales fully supports global team selling across multi-tiered distribution channels including mobile field sales, connected telesales and telemarketing, and the extended enterprise of intermittently connected Internet-based users supporting third-party resellers, business partners, and customers


All sales team members have access to exactly the information they need on the appropriate opportunities, accounts, and contacts. The lead information, the quote, the proposal, the presentation, and the complete history of activities are all available to sales team members, enabling the field sales rep to pick up the conversation right where the telesales rep left off, and for the channel partner to assist in closing a deal that started with inside sales. Using activities in Telemagic Sales, it's easy to delegate an assignment or a "to-do" to another member of the sales team. Using assignment manager and workflow manager, it's easy to escalate urgent issues to the right people.


Telemagic Sales provides detailed profiling, activity tracking, and critical relationship overviews for each customer contact. Unlike simple contact managers, Telemagic Sales provides an integrated view of the contact, assists with understanding the contact's role in the formal and informal customer organization, and helps sales reps focus on the contact's agendas and decision issues.

Telemagic Contact Management provides a truly holistic view of the customer. Telemagic Contact Management provides a complete history of the interactions with the customer, including inbound and outbound calls, email exchanges, correspondence, visits, meetings, and demonstrations. Even a brand new sales team member using Telemagic has the advantage of already knowing the customer when they call.


Telemagic Sales enables sales professionals to track decision issues for their opportunities and customer contacts. Tracking these issues provides professionals with one-click access to discussion points and literature for each decision issue. Also, Telemagic Sales can include documentation regarding these decision issues in presentations and proposals, automatically generated for the opportunity. This functionality ensures clear and consistent communication with the customer.

This is the only complete automation solution custom designed to meet your needs and achieve your company's goals. To discover how this software can make an unprecedented change in your business, please call 1-888-TELEMAGIC.


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HEALTH AMERICA CORPORATION, ROYAL CARIBBEAN CRUISE LINE, 3M, and many other companies large and small use TeleMagic to quickly become more productive, and manage contacts more efficiently.












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