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TeleMagic software assists you in database marketing by tracking trends and sources, improving campaigns and increasing awareness. You can share information on buying patterns, capabilities, interests and other information throughout the organization. The Marketing Manager can call up a separate database that catalogs crucial information about media publications, press contracts, photographers, designers, etc. They can also view which leads have been generated. Leads can be assigned to a rep and then tracked by the number of leads vs. the actual number of appointments. The built-in report writer allows you to prepare progress reports quickly and easily. There are over 1,000 user definable fields where separate pieces of data are all precisely tracked. Easier tracking leaves you time for the fun stuff!


Full campaign management gives you the ability to fine tune campaigns to increase effectiveness. TeleMagic's unique ability to tailor messages to each type of buyer creates a consistent marketing image. Demographic Information can help you focus on target markets. Characteristics of top customers are identified so Marketing programs can be more focused. The marketing manager has a current view of the campaign's progress. As new information comes in, reports are automatically updated. With TeleMagic you will have a handle on all your campaigns.


Knowing everything about your clients provides useful information for your marketing efforts. You will be able to anticipate trends quickly and accurately for effective decision making. You can structure a sales and marketing system tailored for each end user: Multi-Step Marketing, Competitor Analysis, Telemarketing, Pro-Active Marketing. The unique "3-level relational database" allows information from various fields to be cross-referenced. Filters help you organize the data for more detailed information analysis. Sales forecasts based on client information are also a snap! Businesses desiring to expand selling power will find TeleMagic a mighty database marketing tool and wise investment.

This is the only complete automation solution custom designed to meet your needs and achieve your company's goals. To discover how this software can make an unprecedented change in your business, please call 1-888-TELEMAGIC.


Database Marketing


    XEROX, MOLSON, YOGEN FRUZ, and many other companies large and small use TeleMagic for ease and efficiency in tracking their sources, managing campaigns and predicting forecasts.



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