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Time is your most valuable asset. TeleMagic triples the time you have to sell. All your repetitive tasks are automated: calls, letters, faxes, quotes, orders, forecasting, and call reports. Your inside sales support can qualify leads, giving you hot prospects every time. You will sell more in less time, having all the information you need in one place. Imagine if you could use your time wisely, be persistent, make people feel important, remember the little things & keep your promises. TeleMagic does this and gives you more time.


TeleMagic will fit your selling style because it is fully customizable. You have unlimited notes of relevant information date and time stamped to help you know more. TeleMagic's relational database works the way you naturally think. Its flexibility helps you listen more effectively making it the sales tool of choice for the 21st Century. You will find it easy to keep in touch with all your contacts.


By leveraging your time you will make more money. TeleMagic's unique up-selling feature makes it easy to up-sell and cross sell. You will see the service history before making an appointment. Your closing ratio will improve with your ability to quickly qualify leads. Prioritizing will help focus resources on your best prospects. Your sales strategies will be more effective, shortening the sales cycle. Your profits and commissions will increase as you close faster.

  • See and prioritize all your activities, calls and to-do's
  • Know all Contact information anytime anywhere
  • Shorter sales cycle
  • You will experience an increase in sales productivity enterprise wide

This is the only complete automation solution custom designed to meet your needs and achieve your company's goals. To discover how this software can make an unprecedented change in your business, please call 1-888-TELEMAGIC.


Sales Force Automation



SEARS, WASTE MANAGEMENT, IKON OFFICE SOLUTIONS, and many more companies large and small use TeleMagic to easily optimize selling time and profits.



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