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Contact management is an easy way to track everything you need to know about your prospects and clients to successfully complete calls. Telemagic's unique three level "relational database" makes available all important client information. This cross-functionality benefits all departments of your organization. Calls are handled quicker since screens are customized to your data entry and call-up specifications. A database that works the way you think allows quick and effective two-way communication. Consistency in telemarketing operations is ensured through scripting. Updating customer lists, doing market research, and performing surveys has never been easier! Knowledge is a powerful sword, with TeleMagic you learn to wield it skillfully.


Getting more work done in less time is easy with TeleMagic contact management software. It is also an activity manager which helps you track your "to do" lists, calls, daily, weekly and monthly planning schedules. Powerful productivity reports help refine your processes. Personalized automated calls, letters, and faxes earn repeat business. TeleMagic helps you retain your customers. Reach out to more customers on a daily basis. There's no better way to do more in a day!


Over two thousand easy to use features help you do more in less time. TeleMagic provides needed information instantly. Data synchronization makes communicating by fax with a large number of clients quick and easy. Branch scripting allows new personnel to become experts at just about anything, quickly. The operator simply reads the script as presented, and based on the response of the customer, the script will branch to the next appropriate response/question. TeleMagic helps you fly through your day.

This is the only complete automation solution custom designed to meet your needs and achieve your company's goals. To discover how this software can make an unprecedented change in your business, please call 1-888-TELEMAGIC.






SMITHKLINE BEECHAM, VALVOLINE, TNT, and many other companies large and small use TeleMagic to quickly become more productive, and manage contacts more efficiently.



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