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Over 500,000 clients experience success, you can too...

Food industry:

>> Molson Breweries – Inside Sales & Marketing Reps. Use a Simple system to produce significant market share results. Improving customer interaction, strengthen customer relationships, and track promotional marketing campaigns. Including a live databridge to mainframe accounting system to accurately manage territories and prioritize customers.


>> Optim Products - “I don't know how we ever survived without TeleMagic,” said Mike Brody, President. “Every customer related function is built around TeleMagic. It handles correspondence, faxes, E-mail, and of course, phone calls.”

>> ABC Co – ABC CO wins 47% more customers per year with same number of employees! 7 years in a row.

>> Myers Tire Supply - Sales-Lead Feedback Improved.

Health Care:

>> Preferred Care - Inside and outside reps sold more health care plans to companies and increased customer retention significantly.

>> St. Mary's Hospital NHS Trust - London hospital finds customer service solution with NT, Telemagic.

>> Health America - A managed health care provider based in Pennsylvania, knew that they were going to need "intensive care" when they began looking for a system to help them grow their programs.


>> Ministry of Labor – Customer Relationship Management CRM, Case Management, reduces costs providing expert guidance for business. Significant time tracking and productivity gains produced accurate management reports - crucial in public sector.


>> Sears – CRM, Sales automation. 40 Sales reps. Over 300,000 records. CTI & Predictive dialer, legacy system integration. Created a 31% increase in orders.

Travel and tourism:

>> Royal Caribbean Cruise Line - A cruise ship line went looking for ways to navigate the rough seas of luxury vacation marketing and found smooth sailing with TeleMagic Enterprise for Windows.


>> Unger and Kowitt - Unger and Kowitt was unlike most law firms because of the high volume of clients they handled. As the company kept growing, and adding employees, their own old internal systems became increasingly more difficult to manage.

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