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Drip market successfully, imagine sending letters, faxes and emails to one person or a few hundred thousands.


TeleMagic's Fax module was designed for people and companies that do a high volume of faxing. This design also results in superior support for users who only send occasional faxes. In addition to its ability to seamlessly handle tens-of-thousands of faxes, features have been included to make sure that if information needs to be faxed, TeleMagic can accommodate it.

  • Documents created in any supported word processor, including Microsoft Word®, WordPerfect®, and WordPro®, can be directly faxed as easily as they can be printed.
  • Unlike many fax programs, TeleMagic allows you to have merge fields from your contact records on every page of your fax, not just the cover page!
  • Documents or files created using almost any other external program can be faxed with the External Document Capture.
  • Users can fax TeleMagic's pre-formatted reports and custom reports just as easily as they would fax a document.

Access the Fax module using the Send Fax option on the Write menu or by clicking the icon next to any fax field: Fax icon

  • Send up to 11 documents at a time per fax job.
  • Send batch or broadcast faxes to a group of contacts.
  • Let TeleMagic notify you of the fax status and keep a log of the faxes sent.
  • Add comments to fax cover pages and TeleMagic will merge them into the Fax Activity comments automatically.
  • Local Fax maintenance allows each user to view details on the faxes that have been sent or are currently active, and delete or resend them as necessary.
  • Local fax monitor provides real-time progress of fax transmissions in progress.
  • Users who do a high volume of faxing, or even users on workstations with no modem, can offload their faxes to a dedicated fax server: TeleMagic provides seamless support for merging and sending faxes from a dedicated workstation using the Automation Server. All major features supported in local faxing are also available with the Automation Server.
  • Each fax server supports up to eight faxmodems for maximum efficiency in sending and receiving.
  • You can use several different word processors for generating faxes. TeleMagic Automation Server will automatically select the correct word processor for each fax.

The Send Fax interface makes it easy to attach items to your faxes


Word Processing in TeleMagic

TeleMagic's word processor integration feature creates a link between TeleMagic and Word for Windows®, WordPerfect for Windows®, and Lotus WordPro®. You can maintain documents in as many different supported word processors as you require. For example, you may normally use Word for Windows, but you review documents produced by a user who uses WordPerfect. With TeleMagic, you can have both word processors established so you can review the WordPerfect documents without changing your word processor setup in TeleMagic.

The link between TeleMagic and your word processor allows you to do more than simply access a word processor while working in TeleMagic. The link allows you to merge up-to-the-minute information from TeleMagic into your documents when printing or faxing, establish links between your documents and contacts, and keep a history of everything that has been sent to a contact.

To use the TeleMagic word processor link, select Word Processing from the Write menu.

Document Selection. The word processor used to produce each document and template is indicated by the icon.

Quickly organize your documents using the Word Processor Documents dialog box

  • Documents and document templates are stored in separate lists for clarity. Toggle the lists with a single mouse click.
  • View personal documents, or create and view documents that are shared globally or related to a database.
  • If a document is linked to a contact, quickly view contact information without leaving the document selection box, or go to the record with a single mouse click.
  • Click View linked documents for this contact on one of the customizable Contact toolbars to see a list of all documents linked to the current contact. You can also quickly access this selection box from the contact's document list.
  • View document properties by clicking Change, or open the word processor to edit the body of the document by clicking Edit.

Document properties are accessed when adding or editing a document.

To add a new document, click Add to create the document properties. Press F1 for details on the options available when adding documents.

Once you click OK you will be taken to the word processor where you can create the merge document (form letter).

Add a Document

TeleMagic provides a list of available fields for insertion in your document.

When printing your documents, you will have the option of printing for your current contact, a linked contact, or a group of contacts based on a filter. You also have the option to print the document locally, or offload it to a queue to be processed by a dedicated print server. This allows you to continue working while any number of letters are being merged and printed at another workstation.

TeleMagic's word processing link allows you the convenience and efficiency of using your word processor, or word processors, of choice, while retaining all of the benefits of a relational database. By combining merge fields and expressions you can quickly produce documents to provide your contacts with precisely the message they need. Filters insure that only those with a likely interest in the subject will be informed. Finally, indexes provide you with the ability to sort your mailing for the most efficient use of the postal system.

The TeleMagic Automation Server

When's the best time to send out 10,000 faxes? What if you want to print 500 personalized copies of the company newsletter at the same time? What if you need to send out an urgent page while all this is going on? TeleMagic understands that you can't afford to stop working every time you need to do something that is processor-intensive. That's why TeleMagic provides the Automation Server. It was designed for high volume faxing, paging, printing, and e-mailing.

When setting up the Automation Server, you create one or more Server IDs and establish specific configuration settings for each. You are then able to select a Server ID on a workstation to process your queued faxes, wireless messages, and documents. You can have up to eight faxmodems on a workstation being used as a server, and an unlimited number of servers on multiple workstations processing simultaneously.

Once your Automation Server is set up, processing faxes, documents, and Wireless Messages is a simple matter of selecting a server and queue, then clicking a single button. TeleMagic does the rest. You are able to maintain your Automation Server system, print items in the queue, edit the details of items, and print TeleMagic reports on how items were processed.

Automation Server

  • When the Automation Server is combined with TeleMagic's database management capabilities and your word processor, you gain the ability to easily batch or broadcast fax merged documents to any group of clients in your database.
  • When the Automation Server processes a wireless message queue, it will search the queue and identify all messages going to the same number. These messages will be sent concurrently, unless the originator has specified a particular time to send them, regardless of their position in the queue.
  • If you like, The Automation Server can notify the sender of the outcome of an attempted fax or page via e-mail. The notification can be given in the event of successful or unsuccessful transmission.
  • Queues can be monitored from any workstation in your network. Users can quickly see if a particular page has gone through or a fax has been sent.
  • Faxes and wireless messages can be edited after being sent to the queue. From the maintenance window, simply highlight the message to be modified and click Edit. From this window, you will be able to change virtually any aspect of the fax or wireless message.
  • The Automation Server is set up by default with one print queue, but you may configure as many print queues as your system can support. All that is required is for the name of the queue to begin with the phrase 'print queue' and that each queue has a unique name (e.g., print queue 1, print queue 2, etc.). This feature is useful in installations where more than one workstation has been designated as an Automation Server. In such a configuration, print queues can be designated according to originating department, priority, or whatever criteria are appropriate to your needs.

The number of Automation Servers in your network is limited only by your physical configuration. The multiple server system allows you the freedom of having many computers (each with up to eight faxmodems) processing the same queue at the same time, or each processing different queues. This level of flexibility is designed to provide you with the ability to utilize your resources to their greatest benefit. As your needs change, Automation Server can be easily reconfigured to meet these new requirements.

TeleMagic Internet Mail

TeleMagic Internet Mail allows you all of the features you would expect in a business e-mail package with the added benefit of full integration with your TeleMagic databases. You can link your e-mail messages to contacts, automatically create activities when you send e-mail, and access the e-mail program from e-mail fields on your contact pages.































Figure 1. The Send Fax interface makes it easy to attach items to your faxes


















Figure 2. Document Selection.
The word processor used to produce each document and template is indicated by the icon.





















Figure 3. Add a Document






























Figure 4. Automation Server

TeleMagic Internet Mail

Figure 5. TeleMagic Internet Mail       

TeleMagic Internet Mail works with your existing MAPI e-mail program, so you can use your existing address books. If you prefer, you can use TeleMagic Internet Mail as your primary e-mail application. TeleMagic Enterprise does not need to be running to run TeleMagic Internet Mail. (TeleMagic Enterprise needs to be running to use certain features.)

TeleMagic Internet Mail offers many customization options. You can control exactly how your messages are displayed, create new folders, maintain multiple e-mail accounts, automatically spell-check your messages, and more. To set your preferences, select Options from the Tools menu.

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