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Forecast — see your sales before they happen.

Sales Forecasting

In the direct sales environment there is a constant need for accurate, up-to-date sales data. Past sales need to be recorded and future sales should be forecast in order for a company to stay healthy.

TeleMagic's Sales Forecasting feature allows you to keep track of projected and actual sales, and relate those sales to contact records in any TeleMagic database. It also includes several easy-to-use pre-formatted reports, which you can use to predict sales trends, analyze sales forecasting accuracy, and evaluate the overall performance of your salespeople.

TeleMagic's Sales Forecasting feature provides an integrated, standardized way to record, view, and report on your most up-to-date sales data.

Forecast and track the sales process from start to finish with Sales Forecasting.

Figure 1. Forecast and track the sales process from
start to finish with Sales Forecasting         


  • Link Sales Forecasts to contact records and view contact details from a forecast — even if the record is in another database!
  • Maintain integrity of forecasts by controlling the level of access to editing saved forecasts.
  • Keep unlimited notes on each forecast.
  • Track sales progress with a Progress Chart. Each sales step can be standardized for all users through list boxes.
  • Use built-in sales reports to report on Forecast Sales, Closed Sales, and Sales Progress. Use the Forecast vs. Actual sales report to compare how close each Forecast Sale is to the Actual Sale.
  • Extensive filtering options allow you to include only information pertinent to the report.



Sales Forecasting.  Use TeleMagic's sales reports to keep one step ahead of your receivable.

Figure 2. Sales Forecasting                                                                                
Use TeleMagic's sales reports to keep one step ahead of your receivable.


  • Security is maintained for the sales force by only allowing them to view their own records. Managers, on the other hand, may report on an individual user or a group of users.
  • Control how data is displayed: view text based reports, graphical reports, or a report that shows data in both formats.
  • Generate reports with 3-D graphs. Select to view vertical, horizontal, or pie charts.

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