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Manage sales easily with powerful standard reports and a full custom report writer.

TeleMagic Reports

There are three types of reports in TeleMagic: standard reports, custom reports, and quick lists.

Standard reports are designed to anticipate your reporting needs and make printing professional reports easier than ever. Most of the major areas of TeleMagic include standard reports. When you print a standard report, the design and layout have already been done for you. Controlling what is included in your standard report is accomplished through dialog boxes, such as the Pending Activity Report dialog box shown here. Rather than printing, you may also choose to fax your report directly to the interested party.

The Pending Activity Report Dialog Box

Among the standard reports included with TeleMagic are security reports, database structure reports, address and phone lists, activity reports, and many others.

A related feature to standard reports is TeleMagic's envelope and label printing functions. TeleMagic can print envelopes, shipping labels, name tags, rotary cards, and other items in many popular formats. This feature can streamline the preparation of your mass mailings, conferences, and promotional activities. Most standard Avery® label formats are supported.

Custom reports let you present your information so that it makes sense
in YOUR company.

Since no two businesses are alike, TeleMagic includes a powerful custom reporting feature. Custom reports allow you to design your own reports detailing practically any information in TeleMagic. You control what information is included, what calculations are made based on that information, and how the information is laid out. You can even include graphics in your report, such as OLE objects from your database. With custom reports, you start with a blank page and use report generation tools to build a report. The report generator includes everything you need to produce whatever report you may require.

Blank TeleMagic Report

In addition to these two basic reporting options, TeleMagic offers a quick list option. A quick list is a custom report with limited formatting options. If you need a quick summary of data in one or more fields, a quick list is the easiest solution. Making a quick list is a simple matter of selecting the fields you wish to report on and deciding on a name.

All report options and features are available through the Reports menu selection on the menu bar. The Reports menu itself can be configured to meet your needs. You can add or remove your custom reports and quick lists on the menu for quick access to the reports you use the most.














Figure 1. The Pending Activity Report Dialog Box















Figure 2. Blank TeleMagic Report

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