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To get more customers you'll want the power of TeleMagic Branch Scripting, TeleMagic Dialer and TeleMagic Call Center tools that help you organize everything. With them you never forget anything.

Branch Scripting

When you speak with a customer or prospect, questions that are asked and statements that are made will lead you down a particular path. A TeleMagic script helps you control that path, provides you with the information you need every step of the way, allows you to quickly back up if the conversation suddenly changes direction, and creates an automatic recording of the branches followed for later reference.

Branch Scripting Screen

Figure 1. Branch Scripting Screen      

TeleMagic allows users to easily create and modify branch scripts that directly interface with their databases. Users can also analyze the history of each script to find out how often the script leads to a sale.

  • Uses existing database fields for easy script composition.
  • Contact data is automatically merged into the script upon selection of a branch.
  • Input contact data directly into contact records from within the branch script. Incorporate the data entry as part of the script.
  • Set field input order to simplify data entry.
  • Toggle between the branch script and the contact record with the click of a button.
  • Automatically create activities each time a script is used for productivity tracking.


Anyone who uses the telephone to communicate with contacts and clients on a regular basis will find the TeleMagic Dialer indispensable. The Dialer allows you to truly integrate your contact records with your phone, dialing from TeleMagic, keeping notes on your conversations in the contact records, and creating completed activities based on phone activity.

While using the TeleMagic Dialer you can make an outgoing call from either the Contact Manager or the Activity Manager; during the course of the call you are free to move about in the program as necessary. The Dialer allows the same freedom of movement when receiving incoming calls as well. In either case, the Call Duration Timer will open in the lower left corner of your screen. When you conclude a call, TeleMagic will automatically update your call tracking system.

Even if you are not using a modem to dial the phone from TeleMagic, you can still use the dialer feature to track your calls and call notes.

The Dialer can be configured to ignore local area codes and automatically dial prefixes (for outside or long distance lines) and suffixes (for accounting or other information required by your telephone system). NANP setup also allows users to enter comprehensive rules for dialing that accommodate any special conditions in their local area. Advanced dialer setup allows users to customize modem command strings for systems that do not use Hayes standards.

Dialer Selection Box

Clicking the Dial button on the toolbar opens the Dialer selection box. This provides a list of all phone numbers for the contact, or a manual dial option in case you want to dial a number that is not stored in a contact's record. You can also dial directly from the phone field itself.

Call Notes

Get the most from your telephone with Dialer and Call Notes-retrieve and update information automatically.

When placing or receiving a phone call, you can have information from the call stamped into the contact's notepad, and/or create an activity based on the call. Use the Call Notes dialog to control what information is recorded. You can choose whether Call Notes opens whenever you start a call, or only opens on demand.
When your call is complete, the information you have recorded in Call Notes will be added to the appropriate contact record. You can schedule follow up activities or To-Dos, and spell check the note before saving.

Call Center Tools

TeleMagic was originally designed for call centers. Although its functionality has expanded into other areas of business automation, it has not lost its suitability for high-volume calling.

If you need to make multiple calls in a single session for telemarketing, surveys, sales contacts, etc., TeleMagic makes it easy to optimize your outbound calling. You can schedule (and reschedule) calls and appointments, allow multiple users access to the same filter in order to optimize your calling power, make notes about your current contacts while on the phone with them. And, by just turning on the Zoom Dial feature, you can move directly to the next call after completing a call.

There are two different approaches you may take to placing a series of calls. You can either create an activity for each contact that needs a call, or you can simply move through your database calling each contact in a filter. With either approach, TeleMagic allows you to quickly zoom through your list of phone calls for maximum productivity.

Creating activities in the Activity Manager gives you the advantage of having one TeleMagic user responsible for following up on the call. There is also a scrollable notepad that allows you to keep notes on the activity. This is particularly useful if you are placing follow-up calls on sales leads, accounts payable, or any other mass calling situation where you have established a relationship with the contact. The Set Multiple Recalls option on the Contact menu lets you create a series of activities linked to contact records in a filter. These activities can be assigned to a single user or a group of users. If you are scheduling for multiple users, you can control how the activities will be divided. You can even create a printout of the distribution for a record of how many activities each user is responsible for. You set start, end, and break times and how much time to allot to each call, then TeleMagic will go through your database and create a Call type activity for each record in the selected filter.

Pending Activity List

Call Center Tools keep you in charge of your schedule.

Once users have their assignments, they can use the Pending Activity List to quickly complete the calls. The Pending Activity List will show the activities in order and display the phone number for each contact. A single mouse click dials the call and opens the Call Notes window.

When a call is completed, the user is returned to the list, allowing users to quickly zoom through the list of calls.

The contact's notepad can be accessed with a click of a button, so pertinent facts are always a click away.

Contact based calls use the Recall field to schedule a call date and time. This is useful if the contact needs to receive a call, but it does not matter who places the call. Rather than creating an activity that must be assigned to someone, you can update the Recall field to record the information that a call is necessary on the given date and time. Telemarketing, surveys, or any other cold-call situation are ideal for contact based recalls. If there is a recall field in the database, you will be given the option to create activity based calls or contact based calls when selecting the Set Multiple Recalls option from the Contact menu. Zoom dial further optimizes this by moving to the next record and dialing the next call as soon as one call is completed. In a high-volume calling situation, every mouse click counts-Zoom Dial automates the process for maximum output.



















Figure 2. Dialer Selection Box










Figure 3. Call Notes




























Figure 4. Pending Activity List

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