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To prospect effectively first you need to Import or enter a list of
potential customers in TeleMagic and then manage your contacts efficiently. Prioritize people, track special interests and fields to build strong relationships.


You can use TeleMagic to manage more than just your contact database. You can import existing databases to TeleMagic from a wide variety of sources. TeleMagic's Import Wizard simplifies the process of importing databases from any source.

Create a simple format to import TeleMagic files back into the database.
Define the import format by opening the Import Formats selection box (select File, Import on the menu bar) and clicking Add. This will open the TeleMagic Import Wizard which will guide you through the process of creating an import format.

File Import Formats

The exact procedure varies according to the choices you make, but you will always begin by naming the format and selecting the type of import to be performed. If you choose to create a TeleMagic for Windows import format, you will make the following choices:

  • Whether to import contact or Activity records
  • The location of your source file
  • Whether to use an expression to select which files are imported
  • Which fields in the source file should be matched to which fields in the target database (Auto Assign will automatically identify exact matches), and whether to use expressions to limit the data imported to each field
  • Import Mode
  • What to do when data does not meet validation requirements
  • What to do with records that already exist in the target
  • When to update indexes
  • Whether to update calculations upon import
  • Whether to update the Last Revision field
  • Whether to stamp the notepad and, if so, with what (You can stamp a literal string here, such as "Imported by Jennifer Cram", or you can use an expression to determine how each notepad is stamped. If you use a literal string, it must be enclosed in quotes.)
  • How often to update the status monitor during the import (The less frequently this is updated, the faster the import will proceed.)

Maintain Import Formats

You will be able to change most of the selections that you made from the Import dialog box. Just select the format name from the Import Formats dialog box and click Change. The Import dialog box will open. Click on the tabs to go to the page where the item you want to change is located and make the required changes.

Contact Manager

The Contact Manager is the main window into TeleMagic. The appearance of the program can vary dramatically.

















Figure 1. File Import Formats





















Figure 2. Maintain Import Formats

Contact Manager Screen

Figure 3. Contact Manager Screen   

This entire screen is fully customizable. Everything from the type of information shown and how it is displayed, to the aesthetic presentation of the page can be designed by the user.

Special Fields
Fields in the database can be customized or created by selecting Add/Edit Fields from the File menu. You can define the field length, type, and templating using this feature. There are also some special fields that can be created:

  • Recall Field — This field is used to set a call back date and time on a record. You can automatically set a series of recalls for all contacts in a filter, or set the recall directly in the field.
  • Last Call Field — This field records the last time a call was made using the TeleMagic dialer.
  • Fields with Icons — These fields provide an icon next to the field to link to another part of TeleMagic.
    • Phone — Clicking the icon dials the number in the field.
    • Fax — Clicking the icon opens the Send Fax window where you can create cover comments and select documents to fax to the number in the field.
    • Date — Clicking the icon opens a calendar where you can select the date. (If you decide not to display the century on your date fields, this also lets you specify the year, removing any year 2000 ambiguity.)
    • Activity — These fields show information from activities linked to the contact. Clicking the icon takes you to the activity.
    • E-mai — Clicking this icon will open your e-mail application with the current record's information already filled in.
    • Newsgroup — Clicking this icon will open your Internet browser and retrieve the indicated newsgroup information.
    • FTP — Clicking this icon will open your Internet browser and go to the indicated FTP site.
    • Web Address — Clicking this icon will open your Internet browser and go to the indicated web site.
  • Notepad — This is a memo field that gets stamped by TeleMagic when an event occurs for the contact.
  • Rollup Lists — You can see lists of child records, activities, and documents linked to the contact.
  • Start Field — This field records when a record was added and by whom.
  • Last Revision Field — This field records when the last change was made to a record and by whom.
  • OLE Fields — Used to link or embed graphics, sounds, movies, files: any OLE compliant field.
  • Validated Fields — You can create rules that govern when any field can be changed. These can be simple, such as making sure the data matches a list of valid entries, or they can use precise expressions created with the help of TeleMagic's Expression Builder.
  • Calculated/Default Fields — These fields let you perform mathematical calculations on data, summarize other data, display information based on another field or a combination of fields, and more.

Contact Manager Power Features
The TeleMagic Contact Manager offers power features when manipulating your data.

  • Three level relational database that allows you to store information related to multiple records only once.
  • Create filters and indexes using single fields or powerful expressions that use multiple fields and variable information.
  • Create "on-the-fly" filters using tags or field search.
  • Automatically replace the data in a field for a group of records.
  • Delete groups of obsolete records quickly, or recover records that have been deleted in error.
  • Define the unique fields in a record and check for duplicate records as data is edited, or tag all duplicates in a given filter.
  • Reassign lower-level records from one parent to another.







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