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TeleMagic is a family of database software programs for contact-centric business applications. It has an underlying structure based on the feedback and suggestions of 500,000 users during the last 2 decades.

All are network applications that can support any number of users, companies, contacts, proposals, orders, documents and activities. TeleMagic is unique in its adaptability to support sales and sales management, telemarketing, customer service and support applications.

You can create up to 253 user-defined fields in each of the 3 levels of the relational contact database. These fields can be formatted, validated, and calculated automatically. The three levels can be used to model your business structure in a grandparent-parent-child relationship.

In addition, you can create and link Activities, Sales Forecasts, Branched Scripts, Faxes and Word Processing Merge Documents to any record at any level in any database. You have complete control over screen design, field-level security, data entry validation, pick-lists, filters, indexes, and reports and you can create as many different independent databases as you need to run your business. With TeleMagic you can build a multi-user business automation machine that is completely customized to fit your needs.

Like a fine-tuned machine, TeleMagic contains many features that are designed to work together, creating an informational power center within your company. A power center that guides your company through the mass of daily information, and organizes it to guarantee greater business success.


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