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Today's companies are faced with an almost insolvable problem: how to maintain profitability in the face of soaring customer expectations. In an atmosphere of extreme price sensitivity, customers are demanding more service, more convenience and more personalized communication. It's a tough business climate made more uncertain with the shifts toward globalization, deregulation and convergence.

At Telemagic .NET we have the answers to many of the critical customer relationship management (CRM) questions you're asking right now. How can you create sustainable customer value? How can you leverage the power of e-business? Do you have the processes and systems in place to fulfill your goals?

Answering such questions as these is our experts' first step toward creating a holistic, customer-focused vision for your enterprise. Our portfolio of CRM solutions include:

CRM vision and transformation

Our CRM vision and transformation service can help you design a customer-centric business approach and build a CRM roadmap using visioning and diagnostic tools that will transform the way your company interacts with its customers.

Customer contact and channel integration

Each customer interaction is an opportunity to increase revenue. Our customer contact and channel integration service helps reduce customer service costs, increase selling opportunities across channels, and improve overall customer satisfaction.

Marketing and customer analytics

Understanding behaviors and trends takes much of the mystery out of the art of keeping your customers satisfied and loyal. Using cutting-edge marketing and customer analytics techniques, our experts can uncover the motivations of customers and segment buyers, measure campaign success, and much more.

Sales productivity

A knowledgeable sales force is a profitable sales force. Our sales productivity service ensures that your sales force is informed, skilled and equipped with critical account information.

Field service effectiveness

Let our field service effectiveness service empower and mobilize your field sales team to deliver optimum customer service. We bring a blend of best practices from various industries, with a strong focus on driving ROI.


Our billing service can identify cost saving and/or revenue opportunities, simplify your account billing, and enhance customer-data profiling. We deliver long-term process, organizational and systematic change.

CRM operate

To maximize the return of your CRM investment, our CRM operate service offering allows you to outsource major CRM processes or applications to reduce CRM costs and increase operational effectiveness.

Telemagic .NET creates a competitive advantage by providing decision-makers with actionable information when they need it. It also enables businesses to seamlessly share information with their customers and suppliers.

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