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Telemagic is easy to use




One of the continuing puzzlements of marketing life is the disproportionate amount of energy and resources that are allocated to generating leads. Where the real effort should be put is in managing those leads and turning them into contented, revenue-generating, lifetime customers.

Telemagic systems serve the purpose of integrating the marketing, sales and customer service functions so that all forms of client communication including telephone, fax, e-mail, letter correspondence and the face-to-face meeting can be easily monitored and managed through one centralized application.

This, in turn, provides the marketer with the ability to maintain an up-to-date client/prospect profile, deliver on promised actions, send information and materials quickly and efficiently, and follow up in a timely and disciplined fashion. Telemagic incorporates lead tracking, telemarketing, customer call-ins, after-sale customer service, accounts receivable history, as well as day-to-day activity review and weekly/monthly monitoring.

Scalability of Telemagic


One nice feature of Telemagic is that it is easily scalable. The software is single-user as purchased, but it is built around a database, so that adding additional users is as simple as purchasing a multi-user license upgrade. Key in the new license information and your contact manager automatically becomes the network version.

A Synchronization Server is included with the boxed version of Telemagic Enterprise, which makes it easy to get every user on the same page. Telemagic has good calendaring and scheduling capabilities. Reports are easy to read and use. Boilerplate scripts, which guide the trainee through the all-important sales calls, are included. Step by step help files and tutorials quickly bring new users up to speed.

TeleMagic is easy to use, it even comes with a feature that can automate your daily rebuilds and backups to run at night, so your system will work at optimal performance.


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