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CRM fish

You've sold before, you have a clear picture what you want but you are not sure which package to get...


Consider your Design Audit option, this is the best way to obtain a realistic estimate of what system will suit you.

Here's a little story. A year ago we were installing software in two different offices of one big company. One of them went through the Design Audit and had a quick and successful installation, and started to benefit from their software right away. Another office had a very strong technical skills, so they decided to do installation themselves. To make a long story short... Guess who asked for the Design Audit a few months later?

It's a great thing to do if you are not sure what system you want, how a new solution will work for you, or you want to fix mistakes from the previous failed installs.

If your are still shopping around, below is a great comparison table for the different CRM brands. We compiled numerous opinions of our clients who considered different systems before choosing Telemagic, let their experience help you with your decision.


better CRM fish tank

CRM Solutions Comparison



- very expensive
- best suited for large-sized companies (>1000 seats)
- average installation takes 12+ months
- expensive maintenance and support (problems with immediate responses)
- great sales presentation
- recommended reseller:



- great functionality, known Microsoft family of products
- a logical upgrade for Microsoft Outlook
- will integrate with MS applications nicely
- very new software (March 2003 v1 release), so you'll be the first one to test it



- software for individual sales people (1-2)
- doesn't have capacity for a big number of records
- relatively cheap
- similar to MS Outlook
- recommended reseller:




- great quality CRM software
- powerful link to Outlook for activities and email
- we can convert your current system to it if you wish
- has slightly more features than Telemagic
- but also slightly more expensive than Telemagic
- great tool if you plan to expand
  call us 1 888 835-3624 and ask our sales rep about Saleslogix option.



- ideal for 5-100 users companies
- has been on the market for 15 years
- has many satisfied customers
- great functionality (explore this site for all the great features)
Still not sure? It's a very important decision to select the right system for YOUR company to satisfy YOUR specific needs. We'll gladly answer all your questions: 1 888 835-3624.


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